Winner winner, Jack’s dinner EVERY DAY FOR A FREAKING YEAR. That’s what’s at stake here, and we really hope you’re cool, cause there’s a chance we’ll be spending a lot of time together.

  • 1st Prize = FREE Jack’s for a YEAR
    Every day is now the best day. Forgot to pack a lunch? We got you. Don’t feel like cooking dinner? Boom. You could literally eat chicken wings every single day, 365 times in a row. Adjust your New Year’s resolutions accordingly.

  • 2nd Prize = A Chrysler LEBARON
    (if you’re under 35, Google it) or an equally stunning whip worth roughly the same value ($5,000). Drive it, wash it, put flame and skull decals on it. It’s the closest prize we could afford next to a time machine.

  • To enter, visit any Jack Astor’s and get your entry PIN. Tell all your friends - or don’t, if you’re selfishly competitive – and start saying your prayers to the internet contest gods.

* Must be legal drinking age in your province or state. Please enjoy responsibly. No purchase necessary.

** Actual make and model might be slightly different when we're done with it but it'll be awesome and worth roughly $5000. Go to for more details including rules and regulations.

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